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Magnetism & secrets

This is a passive approach for the client lying dressed on the table or seated on a chair and receiving an energy treatment

« I believe that healing by immaterial means, using methods that appeal to the mind, has before it a future of inconceivably vast possibilities »  

Carl Gustav Jung

Many sports teams, including football (Chelsea, teams in Switzerland, or even the French team are part of it) have a magnetizer in their care team, at the edge of the field, to take care of the injuries of sportsmen.

More hospitals welcome magnetizers to accompany their patients during surgery. The benefits are increasingly recognized by the medical world. Go to the link « Healers, faith and science ».


The therapeutic touch of magnetism was developed in the USA in the early 70's by Dolores Krieger Ph.D., then a professor at New York University, and a magnetizing healer, Dora Kunz. Thanks to numerous research studies proving its effectiveness, it has enjoyed considerable growth. It is now practiced in over a hundred hospitals and universities in the United States and around the world. Here's a link to one of New York's hospitals, Mount Sinai Hospital, which offers this treatment and details its practice.

Fields of application, benefits observed, studied or recognized: New York hospital

  • reduced anxiety levels; reduced stress levels and associated symptoms

  • pain relief, including chronic pain, and changes in the perception of pain

  • physical fatigue, anxiety, burn-out

  • lumbago, back pain, sciatica

  • induction of positive emotions: feelings of joy, contentment, vitality and well-being

  • rebalancing of the endocrine system (hormonal system), central and peripheral nervous system

  • strengthening of the immune system

  • faster healing of wounds, fractures, wound healing 

  • arthritis, polyarthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism

  • fibromyalgia

  • sleep apnoea, sleep disorders 

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • restless legs syndrome

  • auto-immune problems

  • eczema, psoriasis, warts, shingles, acne, herpes

  • digestive problems

  • migraines

  • tendonitis

  • allergies

  • tinnitus

  • menopausal problems

  • fertility or libido problems

  • preparation for an operation


Magnetism and history

We find traces of laying on of hands in India 3000 BC, then in Egypt in 1700 BC, in Greece and finally under the Roman Empire. The New Testament relates how Jesus of Nazareth taught this practice to the apostles and offered it to everyone.


Magnetism and science


More recently, biologist and parapsychologist Prof. Bernard Grad has studied the influence of the laying on of hands on bacteria, seed growth and injured rats. As did Dr. Dolores Krieger, who confirmed the influence of the laying on of hands on hemoglobin and developed the therapeutic touch.

Magnetism as an energy


Magnetism rebalances energy centers (chakras) and the nervous system, restoring energy to a body part or organ, activating the body's self-healing capacities and pacifying the mind. What kind of energy are we talking about? We're talking about the vital or subtle energy described by Eastern medicine, which goes by various names such as prana, chi or mana. From the point of view of magnetism, the body is considered to be in good health when it has sufficient energy, when it is well distributed and circulates harmoniously. When the body's energy is disturbed or lacking, imbalances or illnesses can occur.


According to age-old Eastern teachings and practices, we have 7 main chakras along the spine, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Chakras are considered energy centers and are « connected » to one or more organs. Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine use a similar system of channels called « meridians », the basis of acupuncture. Energy is called Qi, Ki, ether or prana in different traditions. When a chakra « malfunctions », energy no longer circulates optimally, and the physical body is affected.

The magnetizer & the secrets


Depending on his or her life path, a magnetizer may inherit a gift in childhood, or reveal abilities in adulthood. Once aware of this, the magnetizer generally trains to perfect what will become his or her energetic art. The magnetizer's main tools are his hands and his ability to connect with this energy, the intention to relieve pain, empathy, benevolence, listening and humility. Magnetizers perform applications, impositions or magnetic passes, with or without physical contact.


Some magnetizers  including myself, also use « secrets » (ancestral prayers handed down from healer to healer), a practice registered by Switzerland with UNESCO.


The magnetizer is an intermediary between the energy source and the client, and makes no promises of healing.

Number of sessions


While one session may be enough to make a pain or symptom disappear, it is advisable to plan two or three sessions, at a rate of one per week, to increase the effects of the practice over time and reinforce the self-healing process. Sometimes, more sessions may be necessary. For shingles, a minimum of three sessions is required, with one session every two or three days at the height of the attack.

The work I propose is in no way intended to replace allopathic medicine, and I'm not 

encourage anyone to stop medical treatment without the advice of their doctor



This is a passive approach for the client lying dressed on the table or on a seat and receiving an energy treatment

« Everything in life is energies and vibrations » 

Albert Einstein

« Tout dans la vie n'est qu'énergies et vibrations »  

Albert Einstein

In Japanese, Rei means universal and includes matter, soul and spirit. Ki (or Qi) refers to the vital energy that circulates within us, as understood by Eastern medicines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Reiki is therefore about bringing or reconnecting universal energy and our own life force, with the aim of awakening a dynamic healing process.

Fields of application and benefits

  • relaxes physical, emotional and psychological tension

  • deep relaxation and well-being

  • improved sleep quality

  • calms anxiety

  • soothes pain

  • strengthen your immune system

  • preparation for exams

  • deep state of inner security

  • lasting, gradual well-being

  • increases energy levels 

  • body rebalancing

The work that I propose is in no way intended to replace allopathic medicine and I

does not encourage anyone to stop medical treatment without the advice of their doctor


Body-mind therapy
bodily, cognitive, sensory, energetic work

In my opinion, this is an extraordinary form of body-psychotherapy, unique in the tools it uses

« Before healing someone, ask him if he is ready to give up the things that make him sick »  


« Avant de guérir quelqu'un, demandez-lui s'il est prêt à abandonner les choses qui le rendent malade » 


Any phenomenon to which we give our full attention begins to reveal facets of our subconscious and of the universe that we would never have suspected. By learning to direct our attention to what's going on both inside us - our breathing, our heart, our mind - and outside us, to our environment, we become witnesses to a wide range of sensations and emotions. 


Neuroscience-backed research into the benefits of body-psychological practices (BPP), the experience of various American institutes, the Royal Hospital of London, the IFPPC (the Indian experience) in pain management, stress management and health, demonstrate the significant benefits of body-psycho-cognitive therapies and the sensory approach in reconciling mind, body and spirit.


Benefits of body-psychological practices, 3 articles: burn-out   trauma  cancer side effects

This psycho-corporal approach offers the advantage of being able to work at the deepest level of our being, without passing through the mental field, on traumas or unconscious patterns. For Jung, there can be no real healing without encountering our repressed emotions, traumas and shadows.


Fields of application and benefits

  • Fields of application and benefits​

  • tension, anxiety

  • emotion management

  • burn-out, prevention, recovery

  • sleep disorders

  • lack of energy

  • migraines

  • skin disorders

  • strengthening the immune system

  • pain

  • OCD, addictions, phobias, various fears (of flying, exams, tests, etc.)

  • preparation for exams

  • old or recent traumas

  • recovery from accident, operation or illness

  • develop attention and body awareness (interoception, proprioception) to better listen to oneself, one's emotions, perceptions and intuition

  • develop self-confidence

  • rediscover or develop joy

  • helps prevent burn-out 

  • a more open heart

  • a healthy libido and more conscious sexuality



The « body never lies », to quote psychoanalyst Alice Miller's best-selling book. Why does the body never lie? Because physical or psychological traumas, undigested experiences, repressed emotions, unspoken words, family secrets or even wounds inherited from our ancestors, are inscribed in our bodies. What is not consciously expressed may be repeated or somatized, causing a weakening of our immune system, symptoms or illness, or affecting our thoughts, moods and way of being in the world and living our lives.


  • This work is not intended for women who are less than 3 months pregnant

The work that I propose is in no way intended to replace allopathic medicine and I

does not encourage anyone to stop medical treatment without the advice of their doctor.



Reboutement has existed since the Middle Ages in Switzerland and other countries. It s so named because it puts bones, ligaments, nerves, muscles and tendons « back together ». Depending on the region and the era, they were called rebouteux, adoubeurs, renoueurs, remettoux or rhabilleurs. They were most often rural men working as farmers, shepherds, herdsmen, breeders or farriers. They claimed to have an innate gift, or one passed down from their elders, for healing injured bones and joints.


Fields of application and benefits

  • pains

  • tensions

  • anxieties

  • burnout, prevention, recovery

  • lack of energy

  • attention disorders

  • migraine

  • skin diseases

  • lowered immune system

  • other physical, emotional imbalances and symptoms

  • dealing with emotions and traumas from the past

  • find or develop joy

  • old or recent trauma

  • recovery after an accident, operation or illness

  • develop attention (bodily, environmental)

  • develop self-confidence, perceptions, intuition

  • develop their intrinsic qualities

  • develop your motivation, your perseverance to go towards what drives us



The work is done on the massage table. A first session of anamnesis and body work allows to define the goal of the process according to the wishes and needs of the client, and also to experience the first effects of the practice. The client often feels physical well-being and significant mental peace from the first session.

The sessions are normally spaced a week apart, they allow you to develop attention to the body, increase the level of energy, work on the levels of perception (sensory), affects, emotion and cognition toward desired goals.

reconnaissance ASCA

Therapeutic Massage

This is a passive approach for the client lying on the table and receiving an energetic massage

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystery of things”

Albert Einstein

Fields of application and benefits


Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic techniques, used in many cultures. 


The distinctive feature of classical massage is that it combines firmness and gentleness, using a variety of movements such as effleurage, kneading, gliding pressure, stretching, friction, vibration and joint mobilization, all of which have a direct effect on the body's soft tissues and overall health. The quality of the therapist's touch, presence and energy are of paramount importance.


It is performed with oil and covers all parts of the body: feet, whole legs, front and back, hands, arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, whole back and neck, face, scalp.


The benefits


Classical massage is an overall relaxing massage that not only relieves deep and superficial muscle tension, but also has multiple therapeutic benefits.


It helps to :


  • strengthen the immune system

  • improve digestive functions

  • stimulate tissue vitality

  • promote healthy blood circulation

  • relieve nervous tension and promote sleep

  • prevent contractures, locomotor imbalances and back pain

  • improve quality of life for body and mind

  • maintain general health


Classical massage for therapeutic purposes is recommended for :


  • insomnia, restless sleep

  • anxiety, stress, nervousness

  • constipation, poor digestion 

  • muscular pain

  • headaches, migraines

This practice, like all those I offer, has no erotic or sensual character.

The work that I propose is in no way intended to replace allopathic medicine and I

does not encourage anyone to stop medical treatment without the advice of their doctor.


Cristal bed

This is a passive approach for the client lying dressed on the table and receiving an energy treatment

«...think in terms of energy, frequency, information and vibration »  

Nikola Tesla

« Crystal Bath or Crystal Bed » is the name of this energy healing device designed by Brazilian medium healers in the 2000s and used as a healing supplement. The system is equipped with 7 crystals (pure rock crystal, cut with 12 facets) through which are pulsed, alternately, beams of light directed at the 7 major chakras of the person lying dressed on the table. 


Having experimented with the crystal bath on numerous occasions in Brazil, back in 2012, I observed the interesting benefits of this treatment for myself and others, which led me to want to offer it at the Lausanne practice.

Beyond physical well-being and regeneration, people often experience particular inner states, with the session sometimes transforming into a veritable inner journey and deep meditation experience. The treatment seems to act on the physical, emotional, mental and, for some, spiritual levels. Some of the benefits often experienced include the experience of profound peace, the reduction or disappearance of physical pain, stress or anxiety, and greater clarity of mind.

Crystal bath sessions can be used in conjunction with therapeutic treatments, to reinforce their benefits, or as wellness and rebalancing sessions.

How a session works


The person receiving the treatment removes their shoes, glasses, watch and belt. She lies on her back, eyes closed, and lets herself be bathed, accompanied by music, in what is often perceived as a flow of energy,


The first session lasts 30 minutes, with subsequent sessions lasting from 30 minutes to 1 hour.




30 minutes : CHF 50.00

45 minutes : CHF 70.00

1 hour: CHF 80.00



The work that I propose is in no way intended to replace allopathic medicine and I

does not encourage anyone to stop medical treatment without the advice of their doctor.


Remote burn care (free of charge)
‭+41 79 392 82 22‬

phone call or What'sApp

  • WhatsApp

The service is free of charge, and you can try to reach me at any time, even at night, if it's an EMERGENCY for major burns

Care for side effects of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and warts also available, free of charge


« The principal cause of healing is love »  



Burns call: it is advisable to call the secrecy maker quickly, without delaying his departure for the hospital if necessary.

What'sapp: non-urgent burns, side effects of radiotherapy, chemotherapy, warts, send the request with first name, surname (current and given if different), date of birth, village or town of residence. You'll often receive a reply within a few minutes for burns (or within an hour if I'm in a session), and within a few hours for other non-urgent requests.

Testimony: on my page

What are we talking about ?


Secrecy-makers, fire-cutters, fire-bars (in France): these are the names given to those who have been given the « secret and who work discreetly and completely free of charge


In Switzerland, neighboring France and even further afield, the practice has been known since the dawn of time. It enables pain to be stopped at a distance, and burn injuries and scars to be avoided or greatly reduced. For those of you unfamiliar with it, I can only imagine your astonishment, and suggest you watch the 2004 Temps Présent documentary mon docteur a le secret, one of the most prestigious programs on French-speaking Swiss television.

Secrecy makers and healers: popular, state, medical and health system recognition


In 2017, the Swiss Confederation included the « secrecy maker's practice » in UNESCO's list of intangible living traditions, as a recognized practice worthy of interest.


« Healers and secrecy-makers have been experiencing a change in status over the last twenty years or so. They are gradually leaving the extra-medical field for the paramedical one, in order to make it their profession and gain recognition from health insurance companies. Some healers have also trained in alternative medicine techniques »,  as mentioned on the official website of the State of Vaud.



Some history


The secret is usually passed on to a trusted relative. A prayer that invokes the Light, at a distance, with a simple phone call. The pain of the burn, whether from a heat source, electrocution or sunburn, is usually stopped or greatly reduced within minutes of the call, skin damage greatly limited or non-existent, and wound healing greatly reduced over time. You don't have to believe for healing to take place.


The secrecy-keeper or fire-cutter


The secrecy-keeper is simply a go-between at the service of Divine energy, the Light, the Universe, the Source, the Invisible, the greater-than-thou, or whatever you want to call it.


Hospitals and secrecy-keepers


Many hospitals, including those in Geneva, Lausanne, Annecy, Lyon, Grenoble and Thonon, to name but a few, offer burn patients a list of secret-workers' telephones to call. Many doctors and hospital staff are convinced by the practice, having observed it first-hand. Others, more Cartesian, speak of a placebo effect, but this hypothesis falls away when we know that the practice also works on babies and unconscious burn victims whose loved ones have called on these services, or on animals.


Translated with (free version)


Radiotherapy, chemotherapy


As in the case of burns, remote treatment is very effective in dealing with the side effects of radiotherapy or chemotherapy. For the latter, the request should, if possible, be planned in advance of treatment. As with burns, some hospitals offer their patients a list of « secret makers » on request.

Free of charge


The secret-maker gets no credit and no material benefit, the care is free of charge. Personally, I do not accept donations for this service, and encourage those receiving treatment to make a donation to a charitable organization.



In principle, it is the burn victim who should make the request, although this can be done through an intermediary. In the case of unconscious adults, children, babies or animals, the request can be made through an intermediary.

A final thought


If a prayer can stop a burn at a distance, without the injured person sometimes being aware of the request, also on a baby or an animal, which rules out the placebo effect, what else couldn't be done or healed ?

Le travail que je propose ne vise en aucun cas à remplacer la médecine allopathique et je

n’encourage personne à arrêter un traitement médical sans l’avis de son médecin.

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