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Documentaries and sites

Inspirational documentaries

Documentary: « healers, faith and science »

Documentary: « my doctor has the secret, the fire cutters » Temps Present, Swiss TV

Documentary: « Appenzell's secrets and healers »

Documentary: «The infinite power of the heart » (of love)

Documentary: « the soul »

Documentary « and if death didn't exist », investigation and science

 Jung, to understand ourselves and others, part 1-2-3

ARTE documentary « The fabulous benefits of walking »

Documentary ARTE « Fasting, a new therapy »

Interesting sites

Maya Blanco, Geneva. Naturopath, fasting and hiking guide, nutrition, massages

La médecine et l'invisible, RTS Swiss radio podcast, doctors and researchers explore alternative healing methods

INREES, Institute for Research on Extraordinary Experiences. documentaries, testimonies, videos (french)

À Ciel Ouvert TV, interviews, awakening, podcasts (French)

A Ciel Ouvert University, France. High quality training and retreats

Roger Baumann, website designer

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