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Patrick Danalet

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Body and soul therapist 

Geneva and Lausanne

« I know and I feel that doing good is the truest happiness that the human heart can taste » 
Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Care at the practice in Geneva or Lausanne

regain, boost and preserve your energy, health and well-being

Pain gone, renewed energy, a stronger immune system, energized self-healing capacities, increased confidence, better self-awareness, expanded consciousness, resolved anxieties, greater resilience, better quality of life, more happiness. These are just some of the benefits of the sessions I offer through different approaches: energetic, body-mind, cognitive, holistic, therapeutic, towards well-being, health promotion or maintenance.

Healers: popular, state or medical recognition

Extract of the  official website of canton de Vaud in Switzerland:

«Over the past twenty years or so, healers have undergone a change in status. They are gradually leaving the extra-medical field for the paramedical one, in order to make it their profession and gain recognition from health insurance companies. Some healers have also trained in alternative medicine techniques ».


Integrative medicine

The care I provide is in line with the new humanistic vision of integrative medicine, which sees the patient as a full player in his or her own well-being and healing. Integrative medicine takes into account all dimensions of health - physical, psychological, social and sexual - in what is known as "global health". These practices cover a very broad field, from conventional medicine to complementary therapies, emotional management, nutrition, physical activity and artistic expression. Listening to the patient is of paramount importance.

Diseases and symptoms


Recent scientific studies demonstrate the influence of emotional tissue on a wide range of pathologies, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. According to a  study by neuroscientists at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), learning to better manage emotions could prevent pathological aging. Many illnesses and pains are the result of emotions that have not been fully experienced, buried or repressed. Traumas like we all have, since repressing our fears and pain is part of human nature.


The psycho-corporal approach combined with magnetism that I propose offers powerful, unique tools for getting to the source of symptoms while learning to better manage our emotions, with concrete, immediately verifiable results.

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Who are my clients 

Women and men from all walks of life, of all ages, in search of well-being, healing, or simply the keys to learning to feel better, to recharge their batteries and boost their immune defenses, to learn to live their emotions better, to sleep better. Also people in physical or emotional pain, people in mourning, people with anxiety or who want to make peace with their past, athletes in search of results. And artists, dancers or yoga practitioners who want to learn to feel their bodies differently, with a different state of consciousness, as well as the curious. Among them employees, company directors, pilots (my past...), people who want to learn to manage their fear of flying or other phobias. Also students who want to learn how to manage stress, therapists, public figures, the anonymous, the very Cartesian, others very open-minded, people who are awake or at the start of a quest for meaning, people who are looking to experience something "bigger than themselves", to find deep peace, to develop their intuition or learn to listen better.

My commitment as a therapist

In my desire to make a contribution, I'd like to add my modest contribution to the edifice of health and well-being, by offering treatments adapted to each individual. I accompany you with kindness for one or more powerful magnetism sessions with often surprising results, or for other treatments such as more in-depth psycho-corporal and holistic work, depending on your needs. When necessary, I guide you towards other therapies, treatments and complementary paths.

« the therapist is an intermediary between the Source of the energy and the person »


Even though healing is never guaranteed, neither promised, nor depends only on us, I have the deep conviction,

forged through my experiences, that unexplained healings are normal and that « anything » is possible.

All treatments can be done in English, Spanish and French

Energy work

Body work

Practices and contact addresses


Patrick Danalet

079 202 58 18

for burns and cutting fire

+41 79 392 82 22

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Espace Mieux-Vivre

Rue des Voisins 15
1205 Geneva



Espace Petit-Saint-Jean

Rue Petit-Saint-Jean 4

1003 Lausanne

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