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It would be naive of me to think I met Patrick by chance...


Our paths crossed during a forgiveness circle and I'm filled with gratitude for this magnificent « rendez-vous », which enabled me to work with him. which subsequently enabled me to work with him.


I've been on a path of healing and liberation for the past 7 years, and Patrick's treatment gave me an incredible opening.


Until then, I'd had the feeling that my soul was imprisoned in my body, squeezed and compressed in my heart. Patrick's treatment not only enabled me to release some old anger and resistance, it also allowed my soul to free itself and take its rightful place in my body, as if I were finally incarnated.


What power! Thank you Patrick !

Stylo à plume
herbe de pampa



I've known Patrick for years and have observed in him a boundless thirst for learning and development. This makes him an excellent practitioner, who knows how to pass on what he has tested and experienced himself.


I enjoy his sessions because he knows how to create an atmosphere of trust, which makes it easier to let go. His touch is always generous and benevolent, helping you to reconnect with your body and regain balance and calm.

What's more, he's an inexhaustible source of techniques and methods for healing on every level.


I've experienced beneficial and surprising results and recommend him without any hesitation.


Unique treatments, great listening in a relaxing atmosphere. I consider myself very lucky to know Mr. Danalet. I highly recommend him!

Pampas fragiles
Stylo à plume


I was lucky enough to be massaged by Patrick on several occasions.


The massages were very pleasant and soothing. Patrick shows great consideration for the sensitivity and well-being of each individual, paying particular attention to our ailments and moods, which he takes the trouble to treat.


He is discreet and respectful of his patients' privacy. I highly recommend him!


Mr. Danalet welcomed me with gentleness and kindness to his offices in Lausanne and Geneva.


With few words, he understood what I was suffering from and was able to find the right therapeutic approach for me. Over the course of several sessions, I gradually began to feel better, and this became a permanent state. 


I particularly appreciated the sensitivity of his hands, which were able to pinpoint the site of the pain and guide me through it. The sense of well-being acquired at each session is a precious gift.

Pampas fragiles
Stylo à plume


Patrick is a person of rare benevolence and empathy, capable of enlightening the people he meets and not counting his time. I'm lucky to know him! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Through psycho-corporeal therapy, I was able to confidently place old traumas of abuse in Patrick's hands.

This treatment also allowed me to have access to areas of denial that I was able to face and accept. Thank you very much because this treatment triggered a profound transformation and healing.

Pampas fragiles

soins gratuits à distance, avec le ​«  secret »:

Stylo à plume


Following a 2nd degree burn on my finger, I called Patrick. He did "the secret" for me. The pain gradually faded and disappeared. My doctor suggested surgery to save my finger. I contacted Patrick again and he worked remotely to treat me. And the miracle happened. My wound healed magnificently without the need for a scalpel. My doctor was incredulous! Thank you to the magical power of life and thank you to Patrick for helping me by using the secret 🙏.



I would like to thank Patrick, who made my daughter's wart disappear. It went away very quickly. He was also very helpful in responding to my request.

Thank you very much.

Pampas fragiles
Stylo à plume



I had a severe burn (from the sun) on holiday abroad and thanks to Patrick's availability, kindness and good care (as I was abroad), my blister healed without complications and above all the pain was reduced and finally went away even before the skin healed.

Thank you!!!



I contacted Mr. Danalet through the "Secret Makers" app. My mom and husband had been suffering from plantar warts for years. They are very disabling and cause pain with every step. Mr. Danalet practiced the secret for them, but warned me that it could take some time for them to disappear. 


All I needed was a little patience! The treatment was a success, as all the warts disappeared. In 5 weeks for my mom and 1 month for my husband! Many thanks to Mr. Danalet for his good care, friendliness and availability! 

Pampas fragiles
Stylo à plume



My iron burn calmed down very quickly after my call. I would like to thank you for the very effective long-distance treatment.



I would like to inform you that your treatment of the side-effects of radiotherapy has been very effective and I would like to thank you for it.


With my sincere thanks.

Pampas fragiles
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