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« There are two ways of living life: one is to pretend that nothing is a miracle, 

the other is to pretend that everything is a miracle » 

Albert Einstein

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Following my dreams

In pursuit of my childhood dreams, I completed an apprenticeship as an electrician and paid for my studies by working as a newspaper delivery boy, a fruit and vegetable vendor at the market, a VIP limousine driver, a bodyguard, an instructor pilot in the USA, then became an airline pilot in Switzerland at the age of 20. For decades, I happily traveled to over a hundred countries on every continent. From small planes to business jets, historic aircraft, airliners and the latest-generation ultra-long-haul heavy jets, I've made all my flying dreams come true. My professional travels and sometimes extraordinary encounters with the most powerful heads of state, spiritual masters, royal families, world-famous film stars and legendary rock bands, as well as the wealthiest individuals, all provide food for thought.

Life experiences


And then they were other wonderful encounters: the street sweeper in Rio de Janeiro, singing his joy at the top of his lungs as he goes about his work; the street children of Calcutta, ineffably happy to attend the Mother Theresa Foundation's day school, before returning to their families on the street each evening; the awakened shamans of the Peruvian Amazon; the courageous Sherpas in the Himalayan foothills; the resilience of the Cambodians; the colorful spirituality of the Balinese; and so many others. I discover, immerse myself in and question educational systems, transmissions, political and health systems, lifestyles, indices of happiness, philosophies, beliefs, power, religious practices and spiritualities. I'm fascinated to see what human beings have put in place in the four corners of the planet to live their lives, often in search of something better, security, meaning, love or material goods.

Discovering other types of care


Through my own experience, I became interested in the way in which one sometimes handles and undergoes the inevitable difficulties, suffering, fears or pain inherent in the human condition. I'm becoming aware of the power of our thoughts, of the unconscious, of the ego, of our transgenerational heritage, of the importance of a body-mind balance, of someone greater than ourselves, and also of the fact that we are co-creators of our own well-being and health.


Initially Cartesian to the point of believing only what was scientifically validated, I discovered energy treatments as a client in 1997, when allopathic medicine suggested an operation for herniated discs. Fear of the scalpel prompted me to try one last approach before surgery. I follow a psycho-corporal therapy (body, cognitive, sensory and energy work) and experience extraordinary healing. I've regained great vitality, a stronger immune defense system, greater awareness of my body and the world around us, more joy and also greater confidence in life. This has finally convinced me that health and well-being also depend on natural therapies and personal responsibility, as confirmed today by integrative medicine.

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With these experiences behind me, my curiosity won out and I devoured the literature on natural therapies, unexplained cures, the history of mystics and thaumaturges, healers, mediumship, fire-cutters, magnetism and radiesthesia. But also on psychology, spirituality, quantum physics, transgenerational transmissions and ancestral wisdoms, and I take part in many training courses. I still visit healers in Switzerland, as well as in Brazil and Bali, sacred or high-energy places, and practice retreats and meditations. Far from any esoteric considerations, while open to the magic of the invisible, I remain critical, pragmatic and validate what I experience and what touches me.


Therapist training


In 2007, in parallel with my work as a pilot, I began a 4-year training course as a body-psychotherapist, which I completed in 2011. I then worked part-time for a few years in a practice in Geneva, while continuing to criss-cross the planet in the air. In 2022, I decided to take a break from aviation to devote myself to my work as a therapist. I then resumed my training and refresher courses, among them the courses for health insurance recognition.

« The most important thing for me as a therapist is the love we put into our work.  »

More information, inspirational links, on energy healing, spiritual healing and science, with testimonials of doctors,

scientists and other actors of the medical world on the links page

Here is what has further nourished my work as a therapist:


  • 4-year, 1,200-hour training course in body-psychology (bodywork, cognitive, sensory, energetic), Grinberg Method diploma in 2011

  • training as a magnetizer and bio-energetician since 1998

  • magnetism and pranic magnetism training, secrets, meridians and acupuncture points

  • training in energetic phytotherapy

  • Therapeutic Touch training

  • Reiki Master training

  • training in classical massage for therapeutic purposes

  • training in « reboutement » 

  • training in « anatomy-physiology-pathology » 

  • training trance healing, mediumship, Bill Thomson, teacher at Arthur Finley College

  • training with Dr. Leonard Laskow (non-duality and opening of the heart)

  • workshop with Gregg Braden (quantum physics, the power of intention and spirituality)

  • Gift of Forgiveness and Forgiveness Circles workshops (Don Miguel Ruiz, 4 Toltec Agreements)

  • workshops with Olivier Clerc (writer, translator of the 4 Toltec Agreements, Gift of Forgiveness)

  • workshops with Marguerite Kardos (dialogue with the angel)

  • workshop with Pierre Pradervand

  • workshop with Pascal Hastir (based on the teachings of Eckart Tollé)

  • family constellations workshops

  • tantra and body awareness workshop

  • holotropic breathing workshop

  • altered states of consciousness workshops and practices

  • Vipassana meditation retreats

  • workshops in dowsing, pendulums, divining rods, healing and source-seeking

  • shamanic workshops and courses

  • Jungian analysis as a client

  • fasting and hiking retreats

  • has been practising the secret of fire-cutting and others, for many years

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